Hotel Sales & Marketing Rep - Asia Pacific

Sales & Marketing Recruitment

Helping you find the right talent

The Delivering Group helps its clients attract and develop the Sales & Marketing leadership needed to transform their business performance.

Our core activities are:

  • Executive Recruitment
  • Executive Assessment
  • Executive Development and Coaching

We operate as a single team across international borders with offices in Asia and the UK with a proven track record.

At The Delivering Group, diversity is a core value and both our search process and our people reflect this. We recognize that a diverse work force is an economic imperative for both our clients and ourselves, improving the bottom line and providing a competitive advantage.

Our philosophy is always to present the highest qualified pool of candidates who are representative of the global workforce in which we operate. We have considerable experience in the hotel, hospitality and travel industries and have developed extensive networks, allowing us to gain an understanding of what it takes to succeed and making it possible for us to run an inclusive search process. Our track record of securing quality Senior Sales & Marketing candidates across all sectors of the travel and hospitality sectors is proof of our ability.

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